Our Services

Our services include - Gutter Installation, repair and cleaning, plus Gutter Guards.

Gutter Installation

Pointe-Claire Gutters only installs seamless gutters. The gutters are available in multiple colors and are installed with brackets(instead of nails) which provides a more stable and durable gutter that can withstand our tough Quebec winters. The brackets are installed on the inside of the gutter which provides a very clean and shiny appearance on the outside of the gutter.

Pointe-Claire Gutters can install new soffits ,fascia and repair/change rotten wood. We install new downpipes in multiple color choices to match the different exterior finishes of your house.

We can install aluminum gutter covers to keep debris out of your gutters.

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Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning is very important part of your homes maintenance. Gutters are there to control the flow of rainwater away from your home.

Gutters filled or blocked with leaves and debris can cause roof leaks and damage to the foundation and the interior and exterior of a home. We recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year (In June/July and again in fall before winter). Prices for a gutter cleaning start at $75.

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Gutter Repair

Pointe-Claire Gutters can help you with any kind of gutter repair! We can fix any leaks in the gutter and even stop water from leaking behind your gutter (Usually due to a loose gutter or no drip edge installed on the house).

New downpipes can be installed to replace any old or broken downpipes. We can also add new downpipes in different locations to take the water away from your house in a different area than originally installed.

We repair soffits and fascia.

Ground extensions can be added or change to direct water away from foundation.

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Gutter Guards

Pointe-Claire Gutters can install all aluminum gutter covers to keep out debris. The product is called ProGuard II (manufactured by Kaycan) and is made to fit the standard 5" gutter...

Keeps out debris and prevents downpipes from every being blocked again!

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